Selling Land in Auburn

Do you have vacant land or a potential building lot in Auburn you are getting ready to sell? Make sure to consider these questions when prepping your property to go on the market.

Are Utilities in the Street or Close By?

How close by are essential utilities such as power, phone, and internet? The accessibility of these utilities can be a key factor in whether your property will be a good fit for a potential buyer and if it will be costly to bring them to the property it will impact your lands value.

 What Is the Water Supply?

This one is crucial. Unless you are selling strictly recreational land the buyer is going to need a water supply. Where is water going to come from? From the city? Community well? Will the buyer need to drill a well on the property? These answers will need to be provided as buyers inquire about the property.


Sewer or Septic System?

This is another important factor if you are selling your property as a buildable parcel. It’s a good idea to test up front if the property will perc for a septic system, or else find out if a sewer is available close by for connecting.

 Are There Wetlands?

A wetland study will determine if there are any wetlands on the property that could affect the amount of usable land. Start by mapping the property using a GIS County Mapping Tool to see if wetlands appear to be showing up on the property. This is crucial information to know when seeking to price your property accurately.

What is the Topography?

Is your property level to slightly rolling or does it have lots of steep cliffs? These factors can also impact the amount usable land your parcel has to offer and will be a factor in its value.

There you have it. Asking these questions will start you on the right path as you move towards selling your land in Auburn. For further questions on selling your property feel free to contact us.

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