HOME BUYER TIP: Leave a grace period for moving

It's great when everything goes to plan, but when it doesn't you want to be prepared. Your closing date is a target everyone is shooting for, but it's not uncommon for last minute delays to occur that push closing back by a few days. A seller may fail to properly make repairs that you don't find out about until the last minute or your bank could have a delay in getting the appraisal back, either of these scenarios can delay closing by a few days. If you have to be out of your current home and have movers already scheduled for the same day of closing, you can end up in a real bind if closing doesn't occur on time; so if at all possible try to give yourself an extra week to stay where ever you're currently living after the closing date and schedule movers for 3-4 days after the closing date. This will help you avoid being stranded in a hotel room with your moving trucks stuck in the parking lot while you frantically try to reschedule movers. 

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